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Yorkmark Industrial has been in the trading industry for over 10 years. We are a garment and textile company specialising in functional fabrics. Taking the advantage of existing client base in Canada, UK, Germany and Hong Kong, we recently extended our business to PEI by opening a retail point, Bear the Paw, in Charlottetown. We sell custom heat transfer shirts, yoga wear, other outer wears and premium souvenirs.

Image by Oxana Lyashenko

Canada is home of many majestic and beautiful bears. These amazing animals are not only magnificent, they are many people's favourite. Our goal is to offer our customers a variety of their favourite products. What better way to bring home than one of our teddy bear collections as souvenirs to your loved ones?  In addition to many souvenir items, we have a variety of outerwear to keep you warm. 

We hope that you can always find your favourite items in our shop.  These can be as cute as a “Bear” (a stuff teddy) or as warm as “the Paw” (a pair of socks).

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